3D printed face shield - Free download!

The COVID-19 emergency that hit Italy and many other parts of the world caused problems in the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition to the surgical masks, the protective visors used by doctors, nurses and other operators have also been exhausted.

Given the experience of other start-ups that with 3D printers have shown to contribute significantly when something is needed quickly, we at GaraGeeks would also like to give our support.

We designed and manufactured in less than 12 hours a protective visor whose frame is entirely printed with the most common 3D filament printers (FDM).

You too can download the STL files to produce the frame with a printer that has a printing area of ​​at least 22 x 12 cm. In the zipped file you will also find the STEP file to be able to modify and improve the design with any three-dimensional modeling program.

Our design is released for free and without any patent: the Creative Commons license allows its redistribution and alteration as long as the source is cited.

Follow us on Facebookfor further updates: we will continue to improve the design also with your suggestions!

(ITALY ONLY) For emergency production for public bodies or companies, we are able to immediately produce batches of 100 visors in 7 days and 250 visors in 12 days: contact us for more information.

   3D Printed Face Shield by Garageeks



R8 (25/3/2020) - Bridges now are

R7 (23/3/2020) - Initial version


Required material

5x M3 6 mm screws (similar to those for screwing DVD burners into desktop PCs)
2x M4 12 mm screws
2x washers
1x Plexiglas sheet or similar 30x33cm thickness 0.25mm
20 cm of adhesive neoprene strip for better comfort
10 cm of elastic to be fixed on the back after having made a couple of holes