ClampHero is a compact device holder specifically designed to be used on most airplanes, trains and coaches. It will keep almost any kind of smartphone, tablet or e-Reader right in front of your eyes, handsfree.

Our first KickStarter crowdfunded project.

Successfully funded on the 19th of December 2014.

We would like to thank our 110 backers that pledged our project on Kickstarter. ClampHero is currently under small scale production to fulfill the Kickstarter orders.
Soon we will launch the online shop section where to buy ClampHero, its accessories as well as other gadgets made by GaraGeeks.

Davide & Niccolo'

ClampHero in Action

ClampHero is compatible with the majority of backseats, thanks to its four different mechanisms:

Top Hook





ClampHero means more comfortable travelling with no neck pains, or strained arms, while using your tablet or e-reader.

ClampHero has an easy-to-use adaptable clamp that ensure a secure grip without scratching your device surface. It can hold from the tiniest of the smartphones to big tablets and everything in between (see Product Specifications for further details).

When not in use it folds and becomes very compact, and weighs like your smartphone.

ClampHero is also perfect whenever you find something where to hang it. We like to mount it on the kitchen tools bar while cooking (especially useful for a quick consultation of online recipes) as it ensures it is away from liquid spills.

ClampHero Benefits

Nowadays many people, including us - the creators of ClampHero - carry their own electronic gadgets to make long distance travelling a bit less boring. It is taken for granted to play videogames, watch TV series or read ebooks because it makes every trip feeling shorter than it is.

However, as early adopters of new technologies we quickly discovered that holding a tablet or smartphone for any longer than 10 minutes can be painful to your arm.

Everybody uses the seat tray to try going around this problem, but in reality this makes it worse, because the seat tray is too low for a comfortable posture. A low position means a back pain is around the corner, because we are stressing our spine with unimaginable forces.

Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj, Surgical Technology International


Vibrations and sudden movements can also drop the devices on the floor, risking their glass surfaces one more time.

Some creative MacGyvers created improvised mounts made of available material like paper or plastic bags, but the result is, as you can imagine, often unsatisfactory.

Car holders for smartphones, designed for windshields and headrests, are not suitable to be used on planes and trains.

Product Specifications

Folded size: 140 mm x 90 mm x 30 mm ( 5.51 x 3.54 x 1.18 inches)

Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz)

Supported device size: 50 - 193 mm (1.97 - 7.60 in). Tablets and e-readers with big screens only in landscape mode.

Maximum device thickness: 12.5 mm (0.47 in).

Maximum device weight: 800 g (1.76 pounds).

Car Holder for ClampHero

Based on the feedback that we received from backers that are also parents with children, we unleashed our quick development cycle to create Car Holder for ClampHero, an additional accessory to be mounted on your car headrest in less than one minute. ClampHero then is attached on the Car Holder in seconds, and it's easily detachable when you want to carry it with you. One tablet holder that rules them all!

Look at the prototype below:

Development history: from 3D printed prototypes to mass production

We worked on ClampHero for more than one year since its inception, tweaking and refining its design multiple times to ensure it would become an easy to use, durable product that fulfills its mission with no uncertainties.

Thanks to our first rudimental 3D printer we were able to build 15 different versions, over 30 prototypes and then test them on the field, on dozens of flights and train journeys.

When we agreed on the final design, we worked to get it ready for mass production, with the support of a 20-years experienced mold design engineer. Additionally we have been assisted by a seasoned factory worker to make it easier to assemble, as well as to establish quality control techniques.

On November 19th, 2014 we launched our first crowdfunding campaign asking the Kickstarter community for helping us to make our project ClampHero a real product in people hands.

We set up the campaign with the following map in our minds: a minimum amount of 6k€ was needed to buy a couple of brand new dual-extruder 3D printers and the filaments required for a small scale production. The number of purchased printers would have been increased proportionally with the total pledged amount.

Stretch goals were envisaged to get the money required to manufacture the molds for the industrial plastic mold-injection process. With the exception of the main goal, these stretch goals have not been met.

One month later, thanks to 110 backers our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded.

We purchased two 3D printers, started the production, assembled nearly a hundred of ClampHero and shipped them to our backers.

Soon we will launch the online shop section where to buy 3D printed customizable ClampHero, its accessories as well as other gadgets made by GaraGeeks digital artisans.


This section is an acnkowledgment to all the people who helped us to make our project a reality.

Many thanks to:

Davide Buson

Roberta Mambriani
Marco Vanoli
Giulia Pacchioni
Alessandro Lazari
Angela Romano
Genya Nahmany
Cinzia Cancilla
Eleonora Taravella
Vincenzo Taravella
Luca Puricelli
Alessio Taravella
Voon Buang Ain
Volker Gerwig
James Durrant
Erio Gallarati
Lina Communara
Florencia Parravicini
María Leal
Camilla Gallizio
Daniele Siboni
Marta G Vaquero
Patrizia Cardone
Francesco Noseda
Diletta Maiocchi
Giovanna Arras
Marco Cramarossa
Katy Zazzeri
Adriaan Eeckels
Stefano Quintarelli
Ambrogio Nico'
Harald Muellejans
Tom Creedon
Paolo Piseri
Cesare Nozza
Pier Giorgio Monticelli
Antonello Foa
Gina Turina
Anna Maria Turina
Nicoletta Lamacchia
Jon Wilson
Andrea Schiavi
Giorgio Bardizza
Elena Salis
Flavio Nico'
Giuseppe Modica
Drew Fustini
Zsolt Sztanik
Vlad Butucariu
Andrea Viganò
Massimiliano Butera
Peter Fiasco
Robert Hicks
Reka Nemeth
Peter Burkitt
Ziv Tsarfati
Federico Nozza
Adelaide Maria Riganti
Mara Bonatti
Pierina Misisca
Carla Benedetta
Mara La Mola
Mara Cardone
Sofia Mucaj
Eduard Latre
Barbara Antonini
Valerio Leonardi
Lodovico Cavalleri
Maurizio Galimberti
Katia Sghirinzetti
Patrizia Falcone
Marika Dal Zotto
Marianna Momi
George Nicol
Simona Sartorio
Maria Grazia
Martina Sartorio
Oreste Bosoni
Andrea Fava
Giuseppe Cremascoli
Simona Malattia
Eoin Leonard
Beatrice Quintini
Jennifer Zucca
Andrew Constantaras
Robin Helby
Shane Vogelgesang
Daniel Watts
Paul Stern
Chantelle Brigs
Alessandra Carraro
Miriam Siboni
Ralph Gonzales
Daniela Aletti
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