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The Nuclear Button: the ultimate antistress device of 2018

Given the recent news of so-called "nuclear buttons", cited by North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump as a symbol of power, but without showing an actual one, we decided to make it.

This is how, in less than three hours from the idea to the working product, we present our latest creation: the REAL Nuclear Button. It started as a joke but proved to be a valid anti-stress toy, and also a reason to chat with customers and suppliers.

Want to create one by your self? Just download the STL files and print the 3 parts which is made of: body, cover and button. Print the button in yellow and finish it with hot glue gun and black marker for a big, badass button.
Soon it will be published on Thingiverse as well.

Download file STL Nuclear

Would you like working LEDs like we did? Just need these items that every maker have:

- 5x 5mm diameter red LEDs
- 5x 1/4W resistors with 47-100 Ohm value
- 1x momentary push button, 15 mm diameter, like this one
- 1x AA battery holder for two batteries
- 2x Alkaline AA battery cells
- Solder, soldering iron, and the usual maker tools
- 4x countersunk M2x6mm screws or hot glue

This is how to connect resistors and LEDs, pay attention to their cathodes and anodes to avoid magic smoke, otherwise this is really a breeze to make. Nice project to make with kids as well.

Would you like to get a ready to use, made in Italy, brand new Nuclear Button for only 29€ plus shipping? Contact us and it will be shipped in a few days.