Several newspapers and blogs wrote about us, especially after the exibition of our second creation: the first Wireless, Solar-Powered, Public Smartphone Charging Station!

 RTE Silicon Republic Il Messaggero interview Garageeks

 Interview on GaraGeeks mission and products by Italian online magazine Orsa Minore

"Certainly an interesting concept" - Colm Gorey on Silicon Republic

Video interview @ European Maker Faire by Andrea Andrei for Il Messaggero

In Dublin there is a start-up that wirelessly recharges the smartphones with the sun. And it is Italian. - RepubblicaDegliStagisti

 "A project from GaraGeeks: the first public wireless charging station for smartphones. Thanks to their creation you can restore life to your mobile devices that often run out of energy, and relax a few minutes inquiring and chatting. At any hour of the day and the night." - FidelityTecnologia

 "Our smartphones, however useful and indispensable, do not stand out for autonomy and often they switch off before the end of day. To overcome this problem, the Italian team of the Irish startup GaraGeeks has thoughtfully provided a station powered by solar energy with wireless charging embedded." - MobileWorld

 "Niccolò Gallarati e Davide Viganò move to Dublin and invent the " Wireless Charging Station for Samrtphones" that city councils could place in every street corner" - LaNazione

"The Irish startup that invented the first public wireless charging station for smartphones has an Italian heart" - VareseNews

"Phone battery is over? Thanks to the latest GaraGeeks creation you can charge it in the squares" - LaProvinciaDiVarese


Here is a list of articles published during the Kickstarter campaign for our first product "ClampHero":

"Never tried to use a tablet while watching a movie on the plane? People who already did it know very well there is no way to prop your smartphone and relax on your seat" - Il Cittadino

"A nifty 3D-printed smartphone and tablet mount that makes it easier than ever for you to conveniently and comfortably mount your device when traveling" - TrendHunter

It is at that time that Niccolò invites Davide to join him in Ireland. "We wanted to do something together. To invent our own job." On the green island they found the ideal conditions to open a business. - Varese News

"A compact mount, that stays in the pocket like a smartphone but that is adaptable to tablets or ebook readers [...] that avoids bad posture" - Il Giorno

"[...] A simple but brilliant solution for maximizing your space and ensuring that your prized gadgets stay with you when turbulence strikes" -

"Ireland is the country where a young Italian entrepreneur can open his or her startup company and benefit from opportunities, rules and a more straightforward mentality" - Linkiesta