Services - 3D-printed Business Signs

We are working with 3D printers everyday and were looking for new applications. The average business sign made of engraved brass is something that people take for granted. A 3D printed business sign that faithfully reproduce your company logo, with its shapes and colors, change everything.

The typical support material is an acrylic sheet that comes in either transparent or opaque. We can work with different materials at customer request. We employ ABS filaments which have an exceptional resilience against outdoor weather conditions, because the color is not painted but embedded into the plastic. Last but not the least we can provide the anchor supports to hold the signs outdoor, leaving the right distance from the wall. Indoor applications are offered with double sided adhesive that is durable yet it can be removed.

Our bespoke 3D-printed acrylic signs are excellent both for indoor or outdoor use and can handle all weather conditions. This makes them perfect not only to be displayed in offices but also as building signs, directional signs or nameplates.

In the Shop area you can directly and easily design and customise your 3D signs. You just need to choose between the options (size, colours number, background material). After placing an order send us a file with your logo and our team of graphic designers and 3D-printer engineers will take care of the rest giving you the most professional look possible. We will ship then your sign directly at destination, ready to be hung.
You will not believe ordering affordable, maintenance free custom business signs could be this easy.   

Get exactly the look you want and impress your potential clients.
3D letters are one really exciting way to add interest and depth to your design. And you don't need to stop with raised letters - if you check out our examples below you will see that we can easily create 3D corporate logos and other designs as well.

For your business sign choose a 3D-printed one!