Public Smartphone charging station

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Charge any type of portable device at maximum speed with solar energy. Monitor the surrounding environment, deter vandalism and produce usage statistics. STOP & CHARGE SOLAR is the revolutionary platform for the smart city, designed and built in Italy by Garageeks. The batteries of citizens, customers and tourists devices won’t be dry anymore.

Made in Italy

The smartphone is the most widespread device used in modern society, used daily by 7 Europeans out of 10. However, the duration of its battery is often insufficient, and will not improve significantly in the next 5 years.

STOP&CHARGE, our smartphone charging station powered by solar energy, also called totem mobile phones, when installed in public outdoor spaces such as squares, parks or beaches, allows users to quickly load their smartphones in case of need. Thanks to the integrated wireless charging with Qi standard and to the USB ports with fast charging, users have a smartphone battery that is always charged, with a waterproof design and durable materials.

STOP&CHARGE is much more than a simple public charger: it is a technology platform for Smart Cities based on the concept of the Internet of Things. It integrates a remote management system, with flooding sensors for air quality analysis for environmental monitoring. It produces usage statistics and is also equipped with an anti-tampering alarm with the possibility of immediate signaling to the police. Finally, it is equipped with a remotely controllable LED spotlight, satisfying the requirements of the European LUMEN initiative for intelligent street lighting.

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All devices are supported

STOP&CHARGE is the first public cellular charging station of its kind that integrates fast 15W wireless charging based on the Qi standard. This ensures that all devices equipped with Qi technology will be fully rechargeable at our station. You can get up to 15% in 10 minutes of charge.
For all other devices, such as tablets, e-book readers, smartwatches, electronic cigarettes and power banks, there are USB ports under the charging tables that support Qualcomm™ Quick Charge 3.0 fast charge technology, with sensational performance: up to 20% in 10 minutes, or up to 80% in 35 minutes.
The solar powered station is capable of charging up to nine devices simultaneously. In an era when smartphones isolate people from the real world, charging smartphones in public with STOP&CHARGE favors the establishment of random conversations like those between users waiting while their phone is being brought back to life.


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Great advertising potential

The public smartphone charging service is an addition to the possibilities offered by outdoor advertising. Advertising can occupy a physical space, on the cylindrical panel affixed to the station itself, or online, through the app that allows the geolocation of nearby STOP&CHARGE charging stations.
The marketing could be of interest to some specific places, and would get real-time statistics on the exposure and effectiveness of the advertising message: how many charges were made and what the average time spent in the vicinity of the station.
This information is important because smartphone users, while waiting for their mobile phone to recharge, - in addition to interacting with each other - have the opportunity to read the advertisement and associate the name of the brand with the useful service that the station is providing.
The maintenance costs of a STOP&CHARGE smartphone charging point are low thanks to the durability of the materials, and no connection to the grid. Remote monitoring allows the identification of potential problems without having to periodically inspect each station.
An integrated digital signage system based on e-ink display is available as an option, made possible thanks to the autonomous power supply system.


More than a solar charger

The STOP&CHARGE smartphone charging station features low-cost air quality sensors connected to the patented remote management system. Using GPRS / Wi-Fi / LoRaWAN internet connectivity it is therefore possible to monitor the surrounding environment on a granular scale, for example, street by street, district by district, amassing a large quantity of data.
Several scientific publications, such as the European Commission AirSensEUR project, have confirmed the validity and highlighted the advantages of using many low-cost environmental sensors, complementary to the traditional sampling based on a few high-end monitoring stations. Their integration into our platform effectively solves the question of where to safely install these sensors, how to power them and how to collect data. In addition, our creation is entirely powered by solar energy, and is able to operate even on cloudy days and at night thanks to the energy accumulated in the energy storage system.
STOP&CHARGE is built with durable materials, such as stainless steel and iroko wood, which also have the advantage of being easily recyclable at the end of the life cycle (estimated in about ten years).


Built for the Smart City

The integrated remote management system, hosted on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, allows you to monitor critical parameters in real time. The system is proactive and able to detect failures to minimize downtime and unnecessary on-site interventions, thus reducing maintenance costs.
It is equipped with specific sensors to detect and report tampering and vandal attacks. The station is set up for the installation of an optional IP camera and Wi-Fi hotspot.
STOP&CHARGE is a mobile charging station that can remotely monitor and control and possibly disable individual charging points by authenticating from the App. This allows a completely digital billing system, which could be subscription-based or limited-time, allowing the development of different payment methods for the recovery of the investment.


A design that lasts

The design of the STOP&CHARGE mobile phone battery charging station is the result of careful studies and field tests, with dozens of modifications and a meticulous attention to detail. The structure is made of unpainted stainless steel, which gives it a futuristic appearance and requires no maintenance. The charging tables are instead in iroko, a wood particularly resistant to atmospheric agents. The contrast between the two materials is pleasing to the eyes and to the touch.
Ergonomics has been balanced towards ease of use. It is also accessible to the handicapped, at the same time it discourages attempts at vandalism. Some STOP&CHARGE stations installed in city centers for over two years have not undergone any vandalism: this is proof that it is a useful service for everyone.

Order now

If our station STOP & CHARGE is to your liking and you would like to have a quote, or further information please contact us. Since the stations are built to order by our 100% Italian supply chain, we are able to satisfy specific requirements.