STOP&CHARGE Smartphone Charging Station

Charge your phone, wirelessly

Smartphones are a staple of our modern society, but their battery life is often not enough.

STOP&CHARGE, our solar-powered smartphone charging station, when installed in public outdoor spaces like squares, parks or beaches it allows users to swiftly charge their smartphones when necessary. Thanks to wireless charging users don't need any cables or accessories, it is waterproof and tamperproof.
It is a connected device for smart cities since it integrates a remote management system, digital billing with app and air quality sensors for big data environment analysis.

All mobile devices are supported

STOP&CHARGE is the first of its kind integrating wireless charging based on the Wireless Power Consortium Qi standard. This ensures that all devices equipped with Qi technology will seamlessly charge on our pads. 10 minutes of charge gets up to 1 hour of standby operation.
For all other devices there are USB ports underneath the tables that support Fast Charging technology.
The solar powered station is able to charge up to six devices at the same time. In an age where smartphones are isolating people from the real world, social life would be promoted as casual conversations could spark between users waiting for their phone to be charged.


Great advertising potential

The charging station is a welcome addition to outdoor advertising. Brands can be promoted either offline, on the station itself, or online, through the Station Locator app. Brands can get linked to specific locations, and would get real-time statistics on brand exposure such as number of phones charged, and average minutes of charge per phone.
These metrics are relevant because smartphone users, while waiting for their phone to be charged, would read the advertisement thoroughly and associate its brand to the useful service the station is providing.
Maintenance costs are low due to absence of depletable materials, no grid connection required, and remote monitoring allow identification of potential issues without visiting each station. 
Optional digital signage is entirely possible thanks to the onboard power system.


Care for the environment

The station features low-cost air quality sensor platform connected to the remote management system. Using the same GPRS data pipeline it is possible to monitor the surrounding environment at a granular scale, e.g. per street, instead of the conventional monitoring method.
Several scientific publications confirmed the validity and the advantages of using many low cost environmental sensors as opposed to the traditional measuring method of few, high-end monitoring stations. Their integration in our device effectively tackles the issue of where to install those sensors, how to power them and how to collect data.
Additionally, our creation is entirely solar powered, and it is able to operate also in cloudy days and during nights thanks to its energy storage.
STOP&CHARGE is made mostly by durable materials, such as stainless steel and wood, that are easily recycled when end of lifecycle is reached.


Built for the smart city

The integrated remote management system allows to monitor critical parameters in real time. The system proactively detect faults to minimize downtime and unnecessary on-site interventions, thus leading to lower maintenance costs.
It is equipped with specific sensors to detect and report vandalisms. An optional IP camera and Wi-Fi hotspot can be installed on the station itself.
The station is able to remotely turn on or off individual charging points, with NFC or through App authentication. This enables all-digital billing system, which could be subscription based or time limited, to allow different business models.


A design that lasts

Its design is the result of painstaking reviews and refinements, thanks to users feedback. We used stainless steel, a durable metal for its coldness, futuristic appearance, and special treated wood for the tables. The contrast between the two materials is pleasant to the eyes and to the touch.
The ergonomy has been balanced towards ease of use for the majority of the population, while discouraging tampering.

 Order now

If you like interested in STOP&CHARGE and would like to get a quote, technical details or need more information please contact us. As the stations are built-to-order we are able to meet specific needs and optionals.