The two co-founders of Garageeks met for the first time in 2012 at the Joint Research Center (European Commission research arm) sharing expertise and interests in the spare time.

The work relationship allowed them to become friends, and made the startup foundation possible a couple of years later.


Niccolò Gallarati

I'm a Technology enthusiast, with passion for digital marketing and communication, industrial design, user interfaces and 80's music.
I have self-learned experience in programming, web designing and hardware tweaking. This because I’ve always been fascinated since childhood to understand how things work.
During an internship in Accenture I had the privilege to work with Massimo Banzi, getting the feet wet into the maker movement.
Hit the bathroom sink but didn't invent the flux capacitor yet.


Davide Viganò

I’m a supporter of the DIY paradigm. I like fixing things when they get broken: disassembling them down to the basic building blocks, to understand their working principle and to find a practical solution.
My colleague and friend Niccolò introduced me to the endless possibilities made possible by microcontrollers and 3D printers. Tools at the core of our startup business. This makes me feel I’m doing the right thing for my future and, hopefully, also for others. I dabble in woodworking. I like making stuff with my hands. I am a maker.