Stop&Charge WOOD

fixed cellular charging stations

stazioni di ricarica cellulari fisse

fixed cellular charging stations

Stop & Charge WOOD and ALL METAL are two models of cellular charging stations that are fixed to the wall equipped with the latest fast charging standards, both wirelessly (Qi standard) and via USB ports (Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 technology).

With a robust design, designed and built in Italy with high quality European components, they integrate a patented remote control technology.

WOOD is the smartphone charging station made of wood and stainless steel, with softer shapes, while ALL METAL is totally in stainless steel, compact and versatile, with a clear and clean design.

Users who are often in public places such as railway or subway stations, airports, hospitals, libraries, parks and large spaces will appreciate the ability to recharge their mobile phone, safely and in a short time.

WOOD, the mobile phone charging station for large spaces

WOOD is the fixed smartphone charging station ideal for furnishing large spaces, public or private, such as outdoor areas of various types, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, libraries, cinemas, theaters, gyms, etc … It is fixed to the wall and connected to the mains in just 15 minutes and is ready to quickly charge smartphones both wirelessly and via USB cable.

The WOOD charging station can also be installed inside places such as bars and restaurants, offering customers a service with great added value and thus increasing their satisfaction. At the same time, it relieves the staff of responsibilities and distractions.

The combined use of iroko wood and stainless steel gives the charging station a pleasant design and allows both indoor and outdoor installations. The fixing plate offers a completely customizable surface, to showcase the brand of the business or sponsor advertising, according to the customer preferences.

WOOD in a nutshell:

  • 3 devices rechargeable at the same time
  • wall installation in just 15 minutes
stazioni ricarica cellulari

ALL METAL, the ideal charging station for public transport

ALL METAL is the ideal charging station for installations by the public administration, for example in public transport stations and also on board them (trains, trams, subways, buses, ferries, etc …) or in public places such as airports, supermarkets, commercial galleries, tourist information offices, etc… It does not fear vandalism because it is made with a structure entirely in stainless steel, and is equipped with the patented Garageeks remote monitoring system.

With a small footprint and durable and elegant materials, ALL METAL can be installed and connected to the mains in a few minutes and is immediately ready to solve the need to recharge the smartphone for citizens, travelers and commuters. The DC power supply does not require an inverter, while the remote management warns of any anomalies as well as usage statistics.

ALL METAL at a glance:

  • 3 devices rechargeable at the same time
  • 10 parameters transmitted in real time via the internet
  • wall installation in just 15 minutes
stazione ricarica cellulari in metallo

Why prefer wireless cellular charging stations to lockers or boxes?

Traditional lockers or charging boxes, in addition to being often unsightly, cause many headaches: mechanical parts, such as locks or hinges, can be broken or vandalized and keys can be forgotten.

GaraGeeks WOOD and ALL METAL mobile phone charging stations have no mechanical parts susceptible to breakdowns and are not afraid of vandalism because they are made with a stainless steel structure and are equipped with Garageeks patented remote monitoring system.

It is a platform from which it is possible to monitor multiple charging stations at the same time and trigger automatic alarms in case of anomalies.

Both products support Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 USB cable charging standard and Qi standard wireless fast charging, which works with all the latest smartphone models.

They integrate a 32-bit microcontroller with Wi-Fi interface and offer an integrated Web interface to change settings, check the battery charge status and know how many charges have been delivered.

For these reasons, our wall mounted charging stations seem to be the best choice in terms of safety and design to make public places smarter.

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