Stop&Charge Solar 2.0

Multifunction solar energy charging station with integrated video surveillance and air quality monitoring; it does not require connections to the public electricity grid.


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Solar 2.0:
The multifunctional electric bike charging station for the Smart City

SOLAR 2.0 is a public solar charger, also known as electric bike solar charger, for the Smart City. It uses only solar energy, therefore it does not require any connection to the electricity grid and allows users to take advantage of multiple functions for free: from the Wi-Fi Hotspot to the charging of smartphones, from video surveillance to the emergency call button, from the charging of e-bikes, scooters and other electric vehicles to air quality monitoring.

The multifunction public smartphone charger is an excellent sustainable urban furniture for the Smart City. It was made with durable materials such as stainless steel, birch wood and DuPont Corian, with a 100% Italian supply chain. SOLAR 2.0 is a project that is continuously improved through the field experience of GaraGeeks, with over 100 installations carried out.

Why choose a multipurpose charging station for electric bikes

Contemporary society has created new, essential needs. On the one hand, more and more public and private services are digitized and made accessible through smartphones. On the other hand, climate change requires more environmentally sustainable modes of transport: the use of bicycles, scooters and electric wheelchairs is making its way as a widespread lifestyle. However, it is also essential to resolve the issues related to “low battery anxiety” and the issue of where citizens and tourists can charge their e-bike.

A Smart City can – indeed must – offer practical solutions to these needs.

Stop & Charge SOLAR 2.0 is the answer to all these needs: municipal administrations and private companies can purchase GaraGeeks smart charging station for electric bikes, to offer its users a wide and useful range of innovative, green services, using only renewable energy and without the need for excavations for connections to the electricity grid.

The advantages of having a solar charging station for electric vehicles in the city

SOLAR 2.0 is a compact and elegant charging station which is able to charge one light electric vehicle at a time such as e-bikes, scooters, scooters for the elderly and wheelchairs for the disabled – which make it ideal for placement near parks, paths and cycle paths.
It also allows fast wireless charging of iPhones, smartphones, tablets and portable devices: 30% in just 10 minutes. It embeds the latest fast charge standards such as USB Power Delivery and QC4.0+.

Furthermore, SOLAR 2.0 integrates a 3.2-inch information display through which the citizen can be informed. The display shows the current time, the weather forecast for the area and information on air quality.

To prevent vandalism and improve the safety of citizens, even in the most peripheral areas, SOLAR 2.0 charging station has an optional PTZ (Pan-tilt-zoom camera) surveillance camera and an emergency telephone connected with a VOIP line that can be activated with the push of a button in case to alert the emergency number or other services. The VOIP line works thanks to the integrated 4G router, or through a FWA connection, to serve even remote areas not covered by the cellular network. (Subjected to local regulations)

Big Data for eco-sustainability


SOLAR 2.0 charging station, in essence, performs several functions in a single, integrated equipment: recharging electric bicycles, scooters, electric wheelchairs for the elderly and disabled, as well as mobile devices. In addition, it has a video surveillance camera, public Wi-Fi, and an emergency telephone.

But that’s not all, because our charging station for electric bikes is also equipped with sensors to detect air quality and monitor streets and neighborhoods in a more targeted way, integrating the stations of official environmental surveys, often present in insufficient numbers to create precise pollution maps.

In this way, SOLAR 2.0 is environmentally friendly by using renewable solar energy for its services, as well as being a precious Big Data collection tool for air quality, useful for precisely establishing the environmental impact of the sustainability initiatives developed by the local administration.

GaraGeeks can offer for this purpose a personalized monitoring dashboard according to the customer’s needs.

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