GaraGeeks designs, manufactures and installs technological solutions dedicated to sustainable mobility and the Smart City.

It does so by employing a 100% Italian supply chain, with highly specialized know-how and environmentally friendly materials.

GaraGeeks products are different because they run exclusively on locally generated solar energy and do not require connections of any kind to the electricity grid.
This greatly simplifies the installation process, since there is less digging and less paperwork.

The design and functionality of GaraGeeks products are highly customizable according to the customer’s needs.


Solar shelter for charging bicycles and electric scooters.

pensilina fotovoltaica per bici elettriche in ambiente extra urbano

Solar 2.0

Multifunction solar energy charging station with integrated video surveillance and air quality monitoring; it does not require connections to the public electricity grid.

colonnina ricarica e-bike, monopattini, carrozzine elettriche e ricarica smartphone

Solar Lite

Solar-powered cell phone charging totem for outdoor activities and events; it does not require electrical connections and can be set up in minutes.

totem ricarica cellulari
totem ricarica cellulari per attività all'aperto

Smart Bench

Connected smartphone charging bench for the Smart City. Fully solar powered, LED backlighting, Wi-Fi hotspot, large advertising space.

panchina intelligente per le smart city

Fixed cellular
charging stations

stazioni di ricarica cellulari

Portable wireless
charging stations

tavoli con ricarica wireless portatili

Bike Tracker

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