Stop&Charge Shelter

Solar shelter for charging bicycles and electric scooters.


Four AC 230V plugs for e-bikes
with programmable power limiter
Off-grid photovoltaic system
Wireless and USB smartphone chargers
Integrated bike racks
Large printed area for advertising,
backlighting available as option
Integrated iroko wood bench
Energy storage system and
remote control system

the solar powered charger for electric bikes

SHELTER is the shelter with integrated off-grid photovoltaic system, powered 100% by solar energy, which recharges pedal assisted bicycles (e-bikes), scooters, scooters for the elderly and wheelchairs for the disabled, for a total of 50 electric vehicles per day.

It does not require any excavation or connection to the electrical network: maximum flexibility of positioning and considerable cost savings for installation.

Perfect in the city as a bus shelter, or in remote places such as cycle paths or trails in the hills or mountains, to encourage city micro-mobility, cycle-commuting and cycle tourism.

How the electric bike charging shelter works

The SHELTER photovoltaic shelter has a bike rack with 4 sturdy hooks equipped with anti-theft sensors monitored via the Internet and a surveillance camera, to ensure maximum security. A comfortable bench allows the cyclist to rest in the shade of the solar panels.

The integrated tools and the raised support also allow you to hook the electric bike in height and carry out the most common repair operations.

The charging shelter also allows smartphone recharging, internet access with a WiFi-hotspot and can have an emergency call button in case of danger, to ensure greater safety for the citizen. The large rear area of over 5 square meters is also suitable for communication activities by sponsors, who thus associate their brand with sustainability.

The advantages of a photovoltaic shelter for charging e-bikes

Stop & Charge Shelter is a real step forward towards the Smart City: municipalities can in fact support sustainable mobility by installing our shelter with solar panels in urban and suburban areas, to recharge electric vehicles such as: pedal assisted bicycles, scooters, scooters. for the elderly and wheelchairs for the disabled.

GaraGeeks, by designing a fully equipped rack to recharge electric bikes, offers a chance to promote sustainable mobility, encouraging cycle tourism, visiting places of historical interest and monuments, even in remote locations. Whether it is urban environments, cycle paths in the plains or in the mountains, SHELTER increases the range of e-bikes, reduces anxiety from low battery and thus allows longer frequent trips.

Stop & Charge Shelter wins Italian government competition for startups

Invitalia, the Italian government agency for economic development, and Italian Ministry of Culture have recognized the potential of the SHELTER e-bike charging photovoltaic shelter for sustainable tourism, awarding the project in the “Factorympresa Turismo 2020” competition.

In fact, their goal is to encourage innovation by enhancing and accompanying the best business ideas for tourism to the market.
With this innovative idea, private sponsors can economically support a free service for citizens, and have an important image return thanks to the large advertising surfaces it is equipped with. With the remote monitoring of which the photovoltaic system is provided, the sponsors have a continuous measurement of the exposure of their brand.

SHELTER raises awareness and enhances public investments for cycle paths. This type of sustainable mobility is inclusive because the solar panel shelter is perfectly capable of charging electric scooters for the elderly and electric wheelchairs for the disabled.

In an extra-urban environment, SHELTER finds its ideal location in parks and alongside cycle paths. In an urban environment, however, the photovoltaic shelter favors the use of electric bikes for the commute from home to work. E-bikes and scooters are recharged during working hours, thus avoiding the citizen who lives in an apartment block from having to periodically bring the e-bike to their apartment to recharge it.

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