GaraGeeks is a technology startup that aims to create affordable, practical solutions to improve everyday life.

As our name implies, we want to carry in our business the spirit of makers and technology enthusiasts that relentlessly tinker with new concepts ideas, some silly, some with the potential of being the next big thing. Our research and development efforts are focused on fields where there are no established competitors yet, with potential to innovate: the Internet of Things, autonomous drones, smart homes and smart cities.

We are leveraging off-the-shelf components, inexpensive development boards (such as Arduino, Raspberry PI and Intel Galileo), open source software glued together with our expertise in order to bring not only innovation, but also affordability and a quick time to market.

Founded in 2014 by Niccolò Gallarati, a communication scientist that happened to like coding and product design, and Davide Viganò, a physicist and maker that likes to bring order out of chaos. The duo brings diverse, complementary experiences, that range from patented designs to scientific publications about photovoltaics, into the company.

The startup already reached two small but important milestones: got its first successfully funded Kickstarter campaign for ClampHero, that is already in the hands of 100 customers across the world, and the manufacturing of one-off, customised designs like our 3D-printed business signs.