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Our expertise with municipalities needs

GaraGeeks has accumulated years of experience dealing with municipalities: in fact, 3 customers out of 4 are city councils.

GaraGeeks offers tailor-made, turn-key solutions designed for government procurement.

Directly and through our local partners, we assist the relevant offices in planning, procuring, providing product certifications and documentation and take care of deploying and maintaining the charging stations.

Our solar-powered solutions embody all the Smart City potential benefits in a tangible and practical way: we provide self-sustained standalone infrastructure which embeds several services in a single device. No grid connection or wired data connection is required.

Our charging infrastructure promotes sustainable, affordable transportation, by allowing free, solar powered recharge of e-bikes, scooters and mobility scooters.

We have a range of air quality sensors, and the cloud infrastructure to collect, manage and represent the data in a clear and understandable way.

Surveillance cameras and emergency call service are seamlessly integrated in our solutions, powered by the same off grid power system for a high availability and, most importantly, the ability to install in outdoor places with no excavation and in remote places.

Parks, bike lanes and high altitude areas are places where our wireless, solar-power tech can shine.

Our solar-powered surveillance cameras mean 50% lower installation costs and a much faster project time to completion.

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