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Software and
Firmware Development

GaraGeeks is strong in the experience of writing firmware in C language ESP32, ESP8266 and ATMEGA microcontrollers. Our code for IoT devices is able to capture information from different types of sensors, process them, view them on the display, and transmit them through the most popular wireless technologies: Wi-Fi, GPRS, 4G, LoRaWAN.

We have experience in the implementation of energy saving logics, together with a careful selection of the most efficient components in the electronic development phase [LINK PAGE], to ensure operation for long periods with battery and / or solar energy.

Our know-how in software development

In the recent past we have conducted software development projects in the Windows environment, with C # language, to create applications in the Visual Studio IDE.

In particular, we have written software to acquire data from external hardware devices, process them and control motors and actuators.

An example is the measurement software created for Microplan (case study). The customer’s project consisted of the construction of a high-precision automatic measuring machine to characterize brass wedges (gibs), creating an Excel file with the values that the end user must use to recreate the geometries.

GaraGeeks has developed a software for Windows environment, in C # language, as requested by the customer, which at low level drives the stepper motors (Schneider Electric), the various Keyence measurement lasers (accuracy of 0.002mm) and the limit switches .

Our skills in Firmware development

An example of our firmware development skills in a totally customized way and using the best technologies on the market is the Bike Tracker developed for JRC – the Joint Research Center of the European Commission – which needed to equip the bicycles of the center with a location tracking system to facilitate retrieval and maintenance.

GaraGeeks has designed a dedicated Bike Tracker, taking care of both the hardware and the firmware. This allows us to guarantee the customer complete control of the information collected, without going through third-party servers. Thanks to special energy saving techniques, the autonomy of the internal battery is about 90 days.

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