The Challenge:

engineer a working prototype in a few days

The Result:

a Proof of Concept that gave a lasting impression to the customer

GaraGeeks was asked to create a prototype of an electronic smartphone charging device to be presented to a large institutional client. From the idea to the working prototype, GaraGeeks only needed 7 days. We followed the design of the product, the creation of the integrated circuit and the casing using 3D printing and laser cutting, the writing of the firmware and the front-end for remote control.

The electronic device is a recharging point for smartphones, laptops and other devices to be integrated into seats in highly frequented public places, such as airports, railway stations, squares, etc …

The charging point is remotely monitored via Wi-Fi network, allowing for countless advantages:

Management and detection of anomalies even with thousands of devices installed

Co-marketing activities via QR code and activation with the code shown on the purchase receipt

Energy saving by reading consumption and switching off after a timeout