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GaraGeeks S.r.l. is a Italian hardware start-up based in Ispra (VA), founded by two hardware enthusiasts, Niccolò Gallarati and Davide Viganò. The mission of the startup is to bring useful technology into everyday life. This objective is pursued through the conception, design and development of in-house prototypes through rapid prototyping with 3D printers, bespoke electronic PCBs and custom software code.

Our products, which combine hardware and software designed by us, are used in the smart home, smart grid and smart city sectors.
Discover our solar-powered smartphone charging station, STOP&CHARGEwhich is also a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) in urban areas. There are also public charging points for smartphones for indoor and outdoor environments.

GaraGeeks offers its know-how to companies and third-party organizations with consulting and production of prototypes. Contact us for more information.

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Come ti ricarico la vacanza: smartphone sempre carichi anche al mare, con GaraGeeks

23/02/2018 - Niccolò Gallarati

La start-up hi-tech specializzata in tecnologie per le Smart Cities lancia una nuova stazione di ricarica pubblica per dispositivi mobili dedicata a stabilimenti balneari e locali all’aperto.

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Ricaricare il cellulare mentre si corre? A Castano arriva la colonnina al parco

02/07/2018 - Giovanni Chiodini
La colonnina inaugurata al Parco Sciaredo permette di ricaricare il telefono, ma anche di monitorare i battiti del proprio cuore durante l'attività fisica Continua >>

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