The Challenge:

integrate our charging technology into a new design

The Result:

Meet the requirements of a high profile customer

For some years now, GaraGeeks has been providing Edison with customized solutions for charging smartphones in the public environment, in collaboration with the companies Carlo Battaini and M Studio.

In 2018 we took care of the electronic and telemetry parts for smartphone recharging at the Venice Architecture Biennale, an event lasting six months, during which 9,500+ users recharged their smartphone for 85,900 minutes.

In 2019 we dealt with an unprecedented smart solar-powered charging bench. In particular, we took care of the photovoltaic and energy storage system, as well as the electronics for remote control and telemetry with a portal to view real-time data and a report containing statistics for the entire duration of the events.

The benches were placed on the occasion of the 2019 Milan design week, during the fashion week, at the Politecnico di Milano as well as at Valmalenco and Sondrio ski resorts.

To date, the eight smart benches created have recharged 50,000+ users by spending 356,000 minutes near them.